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Creative Director, Development Director, Programmer

January 2018 - June 2018 | 6 months | Team of 11

Peace and Order is a 15-minute room-scale VR experience about the Philippine Drug War where the player takes on the role of a cop. It explores the moral dilemmas of exercising power highlighting the conflict between duty and orders from above with a more cavalier approach to human life and human rights, and the tragic consequences thereof.


Pitched the game to a panel of industry professionals and was 1 of the 7 games chosen to be developed as a capstone project for UCSC's Games and Playable Media masters program. 

As Creative Director, in charge of the overall vision of the game and ensures that it is being met. Acts as the subject matter expert, ensuring that the game stays truthful to this brutal reality.

As Development Director, identified the milestones
and made a pre-production and production development schedule. Leads scrum meetings and constantly makes sure that weekly sprint goals are being met. Manages JIRA and designed separate workflows for tasks and bugs.

As Programmer, implemented some interactable objects such as chalk, gun, flashlight, donut and coffee. Implemented gaze-based triggers for events that mimic some theatrical elements such as fading in and fading out of character models and spotlights to direct the player's attention. Implemented sound to the game using FMOD. In charge of integrating the individual scenes and the entire game.


Akshay Bardia | Producer and Narrative Designer

Eugene Li | Art Director and Level Designer

Max Gao | Technical Director

Iris Qin | Lead Programmer

Amy Albus | 3D Artist

Iman Fayek | 3D Artist

Mark Jang | Sound Designer

Bagani Sularte | Illustrator

James Jordan | Sound Designer

Alex Farrell | Composer

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