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Narrative Designer, Gameplay Programmer

November 2017 | 3 weeks | Team of 3

The Calls is a single player narrative game. Your friend, Carl, just moved to your hometown and you are invited to go to his housewarming party. He asks for your help in doing the preparations but when you arrived at his house, he is not there. You then receive a couple of phone calls from him asking you to pick-up stuff for the party. Where is he?


You can play the game HERE to find out what happens.


Designed the narrative of the game, wrote a script, and recorded voice actors. Made a development schedule and kept track of each team member's progress in order to ensure that we meet the deadline. Designed and programmed the drag and drop puzzles.


Aidan Kennell | Lead Programmer

Xiaoyu Yang | Level Designer, Environment Artist

Inkan Hertanto | Voice Actor

Nick Halsey | Voice Actor

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